How Writing Content can help in SEO Ranking

How Writing Content can help in SEO Ranking

Now days every individual who owns a website desires to be on the top of the Google ranking. To come on the top of one has to optimize his/her website accordingly so that keywords starts ranking on Google. Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in ranking. Without SEO it is very difficult to rank a website on Google.

To do SEO one need a website on which you can perform various SEO task like:-

-ON-Page SEO


-Technical SEO.

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So how content really helps in SEO?

As we all know content is king and according to latest Google guidelines only those website will be ranked who has original content? So content is the only thing which matters to the Google.

Here are some tips how writing content can help you in ranking:-

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Keep in Mind Targeted Keywords

Before starting writing content you should keep in mind the targeted keyword. Your audience always search for key terms on Google in the niche category. So you should keep in mind targeted keywords that fall in niche category of your audience.

You must understand your audience before targeting the keyword in your content:-

1 Research about what audience want/need

2 Find the profitable keyword that relevant to you

3 Create a topic which includes targeted keyword

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  Eye Catchy Content

You must be wondering how pages gets traffic and started to rank on top on Google. One of the reason is eye catchy readable content. When a person visit your website only the one thing that makes him to stay is catchy content. If the content is catchy and readable your page rank will definitely increase.

When people will start spending their quality time on your website and read your blogs or articles, it will signals Google that this page is relevant with the searched keyword. So, the page will automatically rank with the targeted searched keyword.

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Make Your Content Visually Appealing

According to the stats pages blogs/articles with high quality images that are related to content get more chances of attraction. More the visually appealing the image is greater the chance is the person will stay on that page.

So designing the right image matters a lot and it equally matters on naming it in Alt Text while uploading it to the blog/article post.


Optimize Your Content like an Expert

Search Engine Optimization is really helpful to rank your blog/article to top of Google ranking. Off page seo plays a very important part in which – Creating backlinks, social sharing, Guest posting, Forum posting, Outreach and many more which helps to increase Domain Authority. And also Google when crawl your website will know the no of sites to which you are linked to. So create backlinks with high Domain Authority website.

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Social Sharing

This step is also very important as we know that social media reach is very high and if one share a particular link to its profile it will definitely get hits. So sharing your blog/article post to social media channels is a positive way of earning traffic.



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